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My case involved domestic violence and child abuse. Even though I was terrified for my own safety, my biggest fear was for the safety of my child. I was completely lost in the system. I didn’t know where to go and who else I could ask for help. I knew we were in a great danger but didn’t see any way out. I had practically no chance to protect my baby…until I met David Martin. My case was horrific, but David was able to completely turn the case around. DAVID MARTIN ACCOMPLISHED WHAT SEEMED IMPOSSIBLE. I will be forever thankful for his hard work and dedication in my case. David Martin represented us very aggressively, but was very fair and ethical at every step. He always communicated everything upfront, and I was always kept updated. He never promised that we will win, but gave his honest opinion of what I could expect. To this day I continue referring people in need of great representation to David Martin.

Irina G.

Effective, efficient and no nonsense! The Law office of David Martin did a fantastic job of representing my interests in family court. If you are concerned about going to court and need representation, do yourself a favor and hire the law offices of David A Martin. They have the experience, the resources and the know how to win for you and your children!

John G.

Super thankful for the legal representation and guidance I have been given through David A. Martin & Associates, especially through attorney David Watts (great insight, perspective, plan of action and approach to the legal process) and paralegal, Nicole Thompson (in plain words, she just really has her stuff together…very efficient and organized).

I would recommend this law office for anyone with family court/child custody/child support type issues in Sacramento and surrounding communities

Chris F.

I have to say that when I first contacted David Watts in January about my current situation and the case I would be bringing to the table I knew it was going to be hard, (this was a custody case with a move away from California to 1900 miles away). I finally was able to hire David in February after making another trip to California. Which was the best decision I could of made, he reassured me time and time again that everything was going to be fine, he didn’t make any promises and explained everything to me answered each and every question I had, got back to me in a timely matter, fast forward to April per his recommendation came to California again for mediation went back home, then again 2 weeks later came back to California for a hearing. (Ended up getting temporary move away approved) then final hearing August 24 and got final decision for permanent move away and it was granted.. I knew that the case I gave him wasn’t going to be easy and to be honest had some doubts about it bc a move away is hard, but with David’s knowledge and force to put up a strong fight he was able to help me win my case!! This attorney is by far the best I have ever worked with hands down!! If you need an amazing attorney David Watts’s is your guy!! Oh and call him David not sir!!! Thank you again David!!

Jacinda H.

Divorces can be ugly & if you don’t have the right attorney you can end up losing everything. I would highly recommend David Martin’s law office to anyone who needs a good attorney for a successful outcome. Thanks David.

Karan P.

I had to get a divorce which has been a nightmare, Called around and spoke to a bunch of lawyers and found this place. They were very knowledgeable. They made a nightmare situation much easier! I would recommend them to anyone in the Sacramento area looking for a great divorce lawyer.

Jason V.

talked to several other divorce lawyers and decided to go with this one because of there fast response and they really were friendly and seemed to know there stuff. I was happy with the end result and hopefully never need to go through this again!

Jessica F.

Mr. David Martin,

I just wanted to personally thank you for everything that you have done for me in regards to my court case with my ex wife.   As you know, during the beginning of this process it was tearing me apart inside.  My family saw it, my staff at work saw it, and it started to bring me down very much so.  You helped me turn everything around with your advice and hard work with case.  Ever since we finalized the case in question, I feel like the man I used to be in society.  I am humble and grateful for having an attorney like you on my side that helped me prove to the court that I did nothing wrong.  It’s good to know that justice was served in this case and you helped make that justice come to life with your hard work and dedication.

I also wanted to thank your paralegal Nicole Thompson for all her hard work in this case and helping with everything.  Both of you have brought justice to my ex wife and have helped cleared my name with my family and society and I can’t thank you both enough.  Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication and I truly do appreciate everything you have done.

Thank you,

A. N.

A. N.
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