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Difficult Cases Lawyer Sacramento

If you happen to be involved in any type of family law conflict, the best thing you can do is to contact an attorney at the Law Office of David A. Martin & Associates in Sacramento CA. We are a well qualified in family law and we have compassion when handling family law issues, particularly the more difficult cases.

Most cases of family conflict are never easy to sort out and the reason for needing the service of an attorney is because the issues cannot be solved between the parties by themselves. Without a family law attorney, you will have to use the Californian legal system to help you through difficult times.

Partners Do Have Some Agreement

One question that a married or unmarried couple often do agree on is that they are no longer compatible and need to live separate lives. However, life is rarely as easy as just going one’s separate ways, unless of course there are no financial issues and no children to consider.

Difficult Cases Involve Children, Finance, and Assets

Some of the most difficult family law cases are when the conflict is so severe that no reasonable agreement can be reached by the two parties involved. This often occurs when there are several children involved, joint assets including a house, and savings in the bank. Neither of the two parties wishes to relinquish hold of these things, even if it makes the separation process far easier.

Often, both parties think that they have an equal entitlement to all the components that have made up the family unit and each part of family life has its monetary value. Regardless of whether one party was taking care of the children while the other was out earning a cash income to support the material needs of the family unit.

California Laws

Knowing your legal situation regarding the splitting up of the family unit, including the distribution of assets, ongoing care of the children, and whether spousal support is required is absolutely essential in order to fairly distribute assets and ensure good parenting for the children.

The California legal system has all the necessary laws that help to determine the situation of the family unit and who gets what and who does what after the divorce has been finalized. Family law cases are sensitive and the court always reaches its final decision based on these laws, which serve the best interest of all the parties involved in the divorce.

It might not serve to solve the emotional turmoil encountered but it will take into consideration all the aspects of child parenting and the distribution of joint family assets as well as for deciding if any further spousal support is necessary.

If you are going through a divorce and you want to make sure that all of your family is treated fairly in the settlement then you should contact our attorneys at the Law Office of David A. Martin & Associates at 916-381-4040 for a consultation.

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